Chain Link Bracelet

Chain Link Bracelet

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Sometimes, less is more.

Hard stainless steel, chain link styling with a snap-in closure is the lightest of all our bracelets -- a minimalist piece for a quick ride away from everything.

Embedded with Shuzi Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT) to promote wellness on your journey.

Materials: Stainless steel.

Total Length:
Small: 196mm /7.72inch
Medium: 211mm /8.31inch
Large: 245mm /9.65inch

Small: 10.95mm /0.43inch
Medium: 10.95mm /0.43inch
Large: 10.95mm /0.43inch

Small: 5.87mm /0.23inch
Medium: 5.87mm /0.23inch
Large: 5.87mm /0.23inch

Small: 48.97g /1.93oz
Medium: 54.87g /2.16oz
Large: 60.09g /2.37oz