Sports Anklet

Sports Anklet

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Start an invigorating and healthful workout with our Sports Anklet -- offering you freedom of movement, comfort and durability while you work and play hard. 

Embedded with Shuzi Nano Vibration Technology (NVT) to promote an active lifestyle.



Similar to our Sports Band wrist bracelets, the Sports Anklet is designed to be comfortably worn around the ankle. Runs large.

Materials: Nylon exterior, silicon interior, plastic clasp.

Length: 260mm /10.24inch
Width: 5mm /0.20inch
Circumference: 240mm /9.46inch

Length: 275mm /10.84inch
Width: 5mm /0.20inch
Circumference: 256mm /10.09inch

Length: 290mm /11.43inch
Width: 5mm /0.20inch
Circumference: 270mm /10.64inch